Google Analytics Input Box

Google Analytics Input Box

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics area includes all fields to add Google tagging codes. The software will add this code to the instructed part of the pages automatically.

The Google settings can be found under Google/SEO Google Analytics

Google Analytics Input Box

Google Analytics Code

Paste the Google Analyics ga.js code.

Google Webmaster Verification HTML Page

In some instances, Google will need to verify if that you are owner or webmaster of your site. Use this field to enter in the name of the google webmaster verification HTML page name.

Google Tag Manager ID

Enter your Google Tag Manager ID in this field.

Apply Changes

Click on the button to save these settings.

Links to Visit Google Tracking Pages

Google Analytics Input Box

More information, instructions, and your Google tracking codes can be accessed via the live links in the top right corner of the Google Analytics edit screen.