Use MemberGate's Media Players to Stream Amazon S3 Files


MemberGate's Video Player and Audio Player can be used on your pages with files connected from your Amazon S3 account.
This allows you to use the built in responsive players to playback files stored at Amazon S3.

Using Amazon S3 with your Audio or Video Player allows you to save hosting space as well as bandwidth by not requiring your large audio and video files to be stored on your hosting account. They can be streamed directly from Amazon S3 (which is incredibly cost effective)

Plus you can protect your files using Amazon's latest security feature: Bucket Policies

If you already store your mp4 or mp3 files with Amazon, simply use the MemberGate Media Player

Everything can be connected directly from your MemberGate control panel. 

To review Amazon S3's pricing and to sign up please visit Amazon S3 Cloud Storage