When configuring my Authorize.net account, which credit cards transactions should be rejected?


If you use Authorize Net, you maybe turning many customers away if you use the defaults for the credit card transaction rejection list.

After you log into the authorizenet control panel http//:authorizenet.com, select 'Settings', 'Security' and 'Address Verification System'

The AVS security will list the kind of credit card transactions that are set to be rejected.

The options include:

  • Reject If... 
  • Address information is not provided for AVS Check (B) 
  • AVS Error (E) 
  • Non US Card Issuing Bank (G) 
  • Retry, system is unavailable (R) 
  • AVS is not supported by card issuing bank (S) 
  • Address information for cardholder is unavailable

By default, these options will all be turned on - meaning you will be rejecting almost all cards from international customers.

You probably do not want to reject that many customers for those reasons, so you may want to turn all or some of the options off.