How to add a 'search the forum' feature to the top of your forum

Tom Cone

How to add a 'search the forum' feature to the top of your forum
You may have noticed that the Support Forum now has a search box and button just above the forum display panel.

Now the search forum feature has always been part of Memebrgate, but the link in the top panel of the forum is often overlooked and sometimes you'll find that you've searched the site and not the forum!

Tim placed the search box on the Support Forum as a reminder that the question about to be posted may already have been previously answered in the forum and to encourage people to have a search first!

As such, it's a great help to us as it cuts down on repeating our replies and it seeds up the support as there's no need to wait for a reply if you can find the answer already.

Also, the answers - search results - often lead to other insights that are equally as useful.

Now, most memebrgate sites have active forums and the richness of information already posted could be a great starting point for new members and it could be equally as useful to long standing members!

Here's how to do it:

1. From the Control Panel
2 Go to Edit Forum
3. Choose the Forum you are going to add the search box to and note it's number - eg Forum1, Forum2 etc.

How to add a 'search the forum' feature to the top of your forum
4. In the 'Forum Rules' panel add the following code after the end of your current rules:
How to add a 'search the forum' feature to the top of your forum

[form action="//" method="post"][div align=center][input type=submit value="Search"][input name=searchquery size=20] [input type=submit value="Forum"][/div][/form]

Change [ & ] for < and >

You can edit the buttons to suit your needs - change the text inside the quotation marks: 'input type=submit value= "Whatever you want to put here"

As you can see I have placed a button either side of the inpt box, to show that you can choose to center the input box between buttons or have a left or right button.

How to add a 'search the forum' feature to the top of your forum

Also, looking at the code this form will search Forum1 if you are setting this search another forum.. remember to change the number!

Want to stop the nav panels showing on the first page results?

Use the code below.

< div align=center>< form style="margin-bottom: 0" action="/forum/search.cfm?forum=1" method="post">< input type=submit value="Search">< input name=searchquery size=20>< input type=submit value="Search Support Forum">< input type=submit value="Forum">< /form>< /div>

NB. Please notice on this example I have not used[ & ] and asked you to convert them to < and >. Instead I have converted it with HTML-TO-TEXT Convertor so that you can see the code.

To convert it back to place in your site, use the convertor. Paste into the top area and click on 'Convert Back'

Here's the form for you to test: