How to easily convert HTML to text so you can share code in the Membergate support forum


In the Support Forum, members often want to share some code or html or paste some script element from Membergate.

Sometimes it's to ask for help, sometimes it's to give a little help.

Here's my handy Code to Text Convertor™ to make it easy peasy!

NB. You can also convert the text from the forum back to script - by pasting it into the top field and clicking the "convert script back" button.

Code to Text Convertor™ Change HTML - To - Text - And - Back!
Instructions Use the Code to Text Convertor™ to quickly turn HTML code and Scripts into text so that you can paste them in the forum. Use it again to convert code pasted using the Convertor to turn back into working HTML !
HTML Source Code:
Instructions The panel below shows the converted script or text and is ready to be placed in the Forum or in your web-page.
Result Content:
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