Customizing MemberGate

MemberGate includes many pages that are set up to help you to quickly get your site up and running.

Some of those pages may need some personal edits (like adding your information to the contact us page), or some may need to be edited to fit the personality of your website or to include your own message.

In this section, we'll look at customizing all these types of 'work pages' in MemberGate. To customize the 'work pages' - the pages that appear when visitors perform different functions such as logging in or logging out, doing searches, completing the member form - you use the 'edit content' pages option from the main menu.

To edit any page on your MemberGate site, simply Login, go to the page and you will see the EDIT link on the Top Nav Panel

Click through this slider for specific information and 'how to' edit those pages:


Some Notes about updating the content pages in the 'work pages' department.

  1. In almost all cases, you will not want to modify CFM commands you see in these pages. These commands tell MemberGate how to handle the pages.

  2. If a work page has the headline, 'Reserved for Future Use', don't use it. It will probably be used in the future for MemberGate feature enhancement

  3. In most cases, you will not want to show work pages in either the department or portal pages.

  4. In most cases, you will want to select 'inactive' as page status for work pages. This keeps them from being found by MemberGate's search engine.


Slider Generator

The graphical display above is created with a Slider Generator. More sliders can be added to your pages, and a detailed and graphical tutorial can be found here: Adding a Slider