Add a Shopping Cart Product to Multiple Product Departments

The MemberGate shopping cart has been updated to allow for a product to be published on multiple product department pages.

Add a Shopping Cart Product to Multiple Product Departments

An active product in the shopping can now be added to more than one department to allow for greater exposure. 

This means that if you are selling a backpack, it can be published in your camping supplies department AND back to school items. When a user is browsing through the camping supplies department products or the back to school department they will be able to add the backpack to their basket.

You can sell many different types of products in the MemberGate shopping cart including physical products, downloadable products, digital-delivery courses, and pay per view content. Along with many other desirable features products can be available as a membership exclusive or to the public.

The multiple departments for a product can be set in the 'add/edit product' page in the shopping cart. Under 'Settings' choose the main 'Product Department' and choose alternative departments in the 'Product Sub-Departments.'

More than one sub-departments can be selected as well.