Connect Your Site to Facebook


Using Facebook Connect your users can connect your site's content to their Facebook feed. It's an easy way to share your content and possibly create more interest in your site and it's content. This is guerilla marketing at it's finest.

Why connect to Facebook? The median number of friends that the average Facebook user has is 200 friends. The percentage of users who actually see a post is debated, but it lies somewhere between 20-35%. That exposure is for each post or like that is shared on the users Facebook page. What's even better is that this type of share is more targeted as friends are going to trust the judgment of their friends. If a friend likes your site, their friends are more likely to take your site into consideration since maybe they would be interested too. A post or comment on Facebook can also be shared by friends who will present exposure to their friends who can then share it with their friends, and so on. 

Here is a listing of what can be enabled on MemberGate pages to connect to Facebook along with their descriptions:

Facebook Comments - Use Facebook to create a conversation about your content pages. Those who read your content can make a comment through their Facebook account login (but only they actually comment through your site) to chat with others about the information in the content. Others can respond to comments to generate a bigger dialogue.

Facebook Like Button - Most everyone on Facebook loves to click on a like button. Add a Like button to pages on your site to allow your readers to like your content too. When a user likes your content, it shares that information to their friends on Facebook. This creates some buzz for your content.

Facebook Share Button - Include a share button along with the Like Button. A Share button allows the user to also add a personal message and choose specific people to whom they will share their 'like'.

Facebook Send Button - When a user clicks on this button they can create a message and personally send that message to specific friends on Facebook. This allows them to share the content 

Connect Your Site to Facebook