FTP Login Information


If your site is being hosted with Hostek.com, an email is sent to you upon signing up for service that includes the FTP username and password. 

The email message comes from Hostek.com - [email protected]

The Subject of the email message is New Hosting Account Information - yourdomain.com

The FTP username and password can be found under section 3. FTP Information

Obtain FTP Through Hostek Control Panel

If you no longer have that email, the FTP information can be edited through the Hostek Control panel. 

1. Login to the Hostek Control Panel: https://wcp.hostek.com

FTP Login Information

2. Under 'Files' click on the 'FTP Accounts' icon

FTP Login Information

3. Click the pencil icon to edit the existing FTP account or select the 'Add' button to create a new user

FTP Login Information



Security Alert! Lockdown Your FTP Account

FTP Login Information

If someone wanted to violate your site, perhaps the easiest of ways is to go in direct through FTP. Please lockdown your FTP account so only your administrators have access.

1. In your Hostek Account, under 'Files' click on the FTP Accounts icon.

Log into your Hostek hosting account at http://wcp.hostek.com, and under 'Files' click on the FTP Accounts icon.

Locking Down your FTP Accounts at Hostek

2. Click on the Default Access tab, set the Default Access to be Block, and click on Save

Click on the Default Access tab, set the Default Access to be Block, and click on Save.

Locking Down your FTP Accounts at Hostek

That prevents any IP address that isn't whitelisted, from accessing the site using FTP.

3. Select the IP List tab, and click on the Add button

In order to whitelist your IP address, select the IP List tab, and click on the Add button

Locking Down your FTP Accounts at Hostek

4. Update the settings for the IP Restriction

Enter your IP Address (This is your actual current IP Address:, set the Access to be Allow, check any FTP User Accounts that you want that IP address to have access to, and then click Save.

Locking Down your FTP Accounts at Hostek