How can I put an .swf Camtasia video into an article?


To place a Camtasia video onto your site:

1. In Camtasia, publish as flash and select the 'Legacy Flash Template'

2. To get player controls: - click the Flash Options button - select 'Controls' - click 'Basic Playback Controls' and 'Pause at Start'.

3. After the .swf and html is rendered, open the html to find the height and width of the .swf movie.

4. FTP the .swf file to a folder on your site

5. Paste the MemberGate code wherever you want the movie to appear This is an example of the code:

Watch this video example //

The following tutorial can give you more information about uploading flash videos: //

This tutorial has information about Camtasia videos and advanced playback controls: //