Increase the Margin on a Page


To increase the margin on the left or right side of your main content area, you can use CSS code to help you to get space for those margins.

The CSS is added within the 'Edit Font Settings' menu ---> under 'Extra Style Sheet Tags'

Edit Font Settings
Increase the Margin on a Page

If the margin is too large or too small, it can be edited - currently this example is set at 20px

It can also be changed to add a left-margin option:



{ margin-left:20px; }

For example:
Whenever you would like to create a larger margin on the right side add the following paragraph tag (toggle the html editor first):


<p class="margin">


Text for your content page follows.

See example below:

Increase the Margin on a Page




Adding this CSS will probably be necessary whenever you are not using the right (or left) hand nav panel on a page.

Here is an example of a page not using their right nav bar and the margin can be seen:


Increase the Margin on a Page



Please note: Adding CSS to your site is considered adding 3rd party script and is not something that our support team troubleshoots. To learn more about CSS please visit: CSS Turorial