How to Add a Cookie Notice

How to Add a Cookie Notice

The cookie notice is required in the GDRP regulations. The cookie notice can be added and edited through the edit site descriptions section in your control panel.


A user will have three choice:

  1. Ignore the message - The notice will continue to show on each page.
  2. Click the Accept Button - The notice will no longer show on any page.

  3. Click the Read More Button - Visitors will be taken to further information to understand their rights and obligations.
    The notice will still continue to show - until the visitor clicks Accept.

Add the Cookie Notice to a MemberGate Site

How to Add a Cookie Notice

Edit Site Descriptions

Customizing the Cookie Notice can be managed on the right side of the control panel under Master Settings Edit Site Descriptions in the Cookie Notice Settings Section

Cookie Header

Set the title for your Cookie Control Notice. It's editable to allow freedom to include phrases appropriate for certain industries - Finance, Medical etc

Cookie Notice

Enter the message that will show in the main body of the Cookie Notice.

Set the message that will show over the footer of each page. The universal approach seems to be a couple of sentences, however, certain industries may require more information is disclosed from the outset.

Cookie Policy

Enter the URL for the page that Includes Information About Your Cookie Policy. This is the same page as the cf tag for the cookie list has been added to the site.

Cookie Accept Button Text

Enter the text that will appear on the button that the user will click when they understand and accept the cookie policy.

The Accept button is automatically created and will be apart of the cookie notice.

Cookie Read More Button Text

Enter the text that will appear on the button that the user will click when they would like to visit the page with your Cookie Policy or Cookie list.

The Read More button is automatically created with URL included in the Cookie Policy field.

Save the Changes

Click the button to Save the Cookie Settings.

Activate the Cookie Notice

When the cookie fields are populated, the cookie notice will be automatically activated on the site.