MemberGate Cookie Notice

MemberGate Cookie Notice

The MemberGate Cookie Notice is the starting point for sites to notify visitors and gain consent to allow their data to be collected and used

Updated regulations: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean site owners can no longer assume consent.
Now visitors have to give permission, so sites must ask for it
Online privacy is increasingly a matter of meeting visitor expectations for respect for privacy preferences

This begins the conversation between the business and the visitor about data, rights, usage and consent

The MemberGate Cookie Notice is designed to gain consent by alerting them to the use of cookies and providing help to navigate to further information on:
"what cookies are used, and what their purpose is"

It will show over the footer of every page on a MemberGate site - so that whichever page a visitor lands on, they will be notified that the site uses cookies

To stop the notice from showing they will have to click on 'Accept' - this permission is stored and the visitor is deemed as being notified


MemberGate Cookie Notice

Visitors have then 3 options:

  1. Ignore the message
    The notice will continue to show
  2. Click the Accept Button
    The notice will no longer show

  3. Click the Read More Button
    Visitors will be taken to further information to understand their rights and obligations
    The notice will still continue to show - until the visitor clicks Accept

Setting The MemberGate Cookie Notice

Here's how to set up the Cookie Consent Notice in your MemberGate site:


MemberGate Cookie Notice

Navigate to the Edit Site Descriptions section on the right side of the Control Panel
Scroll down below the Copyright Notice fields
Here you will see three new fields:


MemberGate Cookie Notice
Cookie Header
Set the title for your Cookie Control Notice
It's editable to allow freedom to include phrases appropriate for certain industries - Finance, Medical etc

MemberGate Cookie Notice
Cookie Notice
Set the message that will show over the footer of each page
The universal approach seems to be a couple of sentences, however, certain industries may require more information is disclosed from the outset 


MemberGate Cookie Notice
Cookie Policy
Set the url - which takes your visitor to further information
In nearly every case, this will be the Privacy Page as further 'Consents' can be outlined
MemberGate Cookie Notice


Next Steps

  • Visitors have the right to know: "what cookies are in use and what their purpose is" 
    And so we provide a list of the cookies used in MemberGate here:
  • GDPR Data Protection also notes "Consent" must be:
    "Be specific and ‘granular' so that you get separate consent for separate things. Vague or blanket consent is not enough."
  • MemberGate is designed to link back to the Privacy and Terms pages on subscription forms and REQUIRE new subscribers to confirm they have read these notices
  • MemberGate requires consent from subscribers to allow email communications from forums, classified ads, surveys, login resets and billing notices
  • MemberGate can automatically add new subscribers to client Newsletter Services and this should be notified to ensure proper notification is being provided BEFORE sign-up and that readers can unsubscribe