Why Use an Autoresponder


An autoresponder allows you to send out a "broadcast" email at a specified date (such as a weekly e-newsletter) or you can also "preload" your messages for new subscribers to automatically receive.

For example on day 1 of their subscription, a member can receive a  "welcome aboard" email, then perhaps on day 3 you send some helpful tips, on day 7 might include some upgraded membership sales information, day 14 you have a follow up etc. These email responses are sent out automatically.

Although most autoresponder services can be used with a Membergate site, AWeber, MailChimp, Active Campaign and InfusionSoft are integrated to automatically add new subscribers to your email marketing lists.

Here are some of the benefits of using a reputable autoresponder company for your email marketing:

- Their emails get through - Our experience has shown that autoresponders have some of the highest delivery rates that we've seen. There is a reason for this. Autoresponder companies generally have a very good relationship with major Internet Service Providers. They meet with email companies such as gmail, hotmail, outlook etc and have worked out a mutually beneficial arrangement regarding delivery and spam messages.

- Testing and Tracking - Most autoresponder companies have many added functions built in to let you test and track your sign up boxes. You can find out how many people are clicking the links in the emails that you are sending out as well as which signup boxes are performing the best for you.

- Value - Many simple autoresponder companies are cost efficient the amount of work that is necessary. Since some of the messages are automated, they remove the necessity for you to manually send out email messages and reminders.