Customize the Timing of Billing Failure Automatic Attempts

Billing failure automated recovery is already available in the MemberGate software. When an automatically renewing member has any type of billing failure, the member's payment method will be retried again after the default 7 days and then again at 21 days if necessary.

The timing of the rebilling can now be customized to allow you to specify the number of days between the retries to a term that works best for your website.

This means that it can be set to rebill a member twice in one week, or twice in one month. Each industry and niche is different, as the requirements for membership are different. A website that caters to corporations may decide to rebill three days in a row, while a website that has individuals as members may set that time to longer periods due to the nature of a user's bank account.

How to

The billing failure rebill timing can be customized on the right side of the control panel under Master Settings Edit Site Descriptions

Under the 'Billing Settings' section set the 'Enable Enhanced Recurring Billing' to yes if it is not already enabled.

Enter a number of days in the 2nd Billing Attempt and 3rd Billing Attempt fields. Both of these fields are from the number of days after the FIRST BILLING FAILURE.

Billing Failure Options

Follow the tutorial for MemberGate Renewal Process Options to learn more about the enhanced recurring billing procedure as well as editing the billing failure messages.