How to Add a File to the Download Area


Files can be uploaded to the download area to offer as a benefit to subscribing members. Learn how to add a file using this guide. 

Many of the fields in 'Add File' are not mandatory and self explanatory.  This tutorial will only take you through the important and most used fields. If there is a field that is not explained here, but you are unsure of how it is used, please open a ticket with our support system. Also remember the quick help question marks next to each field name. Hovering over the question marks will provide a description as well. 


Click on each section to expand for more information.

Adding a Download File can be found under > Downloads > Add File

Adding a Download File can be found under Downloads Add File

Add Download File

Add Download File


File Descriptive Name

Enter a short (under 30 characters) description of the downloadable file. This will be shown as the descriptive link in the Download Library Area.

Brief Description of File

Enter a longer summary about the file. This will appear on the download page before the user decides to download the file (sort of like a main headline for the page).

Long Description, Run Notes

Enter a longer description of the file. Include any information about the file as necessary. This space can also include instructions on how to download the file.

Download File

Download File


Select Download File

From your local drive- Choose Upload Download File and select the file from your local drive

Amazon S3 File

From your Amazon S3 Account - Enter the bucket and folder information if known, or click AWS to drill down through your files to select it. Please see the tutorial on using Amazon S3 for your downloads for further instruction

Download Images

Download Images


Item Image

Choose Upload Image File to select an image from your local drive. This image will appear on the page with the description of the file.

Item Thumb

Click Upload Thumbnail to select a thumbnail image from your local drive. This will appear in the download library area next to the 'Brief Description of the file' and 'File Descriptive Name'.

Download Settings

Download Settings


Member Plan Access

The files can be restricted to members belonging to specific member plans. Choose the member plans that do have access to the file. Begin typing in the box to select specific plans.

Author/Company Name

(Optional) Add the author or company who created the download file.

Author/Company Email

(Optional) Add the email address of the author or company who created the download file.

Author/Company Website

(Optional) Add the website of the author or company who created the download file.

File Category

Select which categories to which this file should belong. The categories are created in Settings. Multiple selections can be chosen by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard.

License Type

(Optional) Enter a license type if appropriate (freeware, shareware, creative commons. etc)


(Optional) Enter a cost that the file might cost outside of this membership website. *This will not be charged in this area. Members can access download files as part of their membership benefits.

File Status

Choose 'active' from the drop down menu to include the download in the download libary. Choose 'inactive' if it is no longer available for download.

File Sort Date

Click in the box to choose a date. The date will help in arranging the download files. The order is set in download Settings.

Click the 'Add File to Download Area' button found at the bottom

Click the button found at the bottom