New Updates Coming Soon

New Updates Coming Soon

There are a lot of great changes coming soon to your MemberGate software. 

In the upcoming days we will apply the latest developments and improvements to Infinity sites

So keep an eye out for an email from our support team that will include the latest functionality available on your site and links to the tutorials and guides

Some of these enhancements include... new search functionality when choosing options from a "drop-down list".

It makes Editing Content and Cart Items super easy because with search it's super fast to find!

There's a snazzy new way to display your social bookmarks (see below)

And more options on how your teaser image/copy can be displayed on your pages

Ssshhh....This update is just the beginning. We have two really HUGE improvements coming shortly that you are not going to want to miss. 

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Examples of New Social Bookmarks Display Options

New Updates Coming Soon


Example of New 'Grid Style' Content Layout


New Search Feature Speeds Up 'Drop Down' Selections