Latest MemberGate Software Updates

Software updates can improve the security, stability, performance, and functionality of your site, and are part of maintaining the site's health and longevity. MemberGate's latest software update includes all of that and more.

Please review to learn of some of the enhanacements available in this update.

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SEO Optimizing and Image Loading Improvements

Various efficiencies and adjustments to the code base have been added or changed to increase SEO (search engine optimization). For example, any images that have been added outside of the image upload area of a page have been tweaked to include the width and height dimensions. This will increase the speed for page loading and will remove the constant page shift as the browser 'figures' out how to display the images and text on smaller screens.

Images uploaded to the carousel and slider generators are also receiving an adjustment for better and faster loading times as well.

Alt text is also going to be added to all images - including those that do not have one.

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MemberGate Support Improvement

Currently, requesting support consists of send an email to our support system. An update to our ticket system has been made so sending us support requests has become much more convenient. Each control panel is now setup with your own personal help ticket icon which when used will automatically open tickets for you. The initial ticket and responses can all be done right from your control panel.

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Lazy Loading Images

To reduce page loading time, images are typically set to be lazy. That is the browser will not try to display them prior to the user reaching the image on the page. However, there are times when you may want all of your images to display when the page is initially loaded. A new class has been set so that you can do just that.

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Member Counts Report

The newest report is a graphical representation over time of active members along with their types - standard, business or subuser.

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