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Site Status Report
Site Status Report

The Site Status report is a quick and easy way to see how your site stands at the moment.It provides an update on items like revenue earned today from subscription fees and shopping cart purchases, member activity, totals for the month as well as number of content and department pages.... Read More

Setting Up Group Memberships in Membergate

The ability to sell large groups of memberships to organizations can be an excellent way to increase your revenues. Here is how to do it in Membergate... Read More

How to add a 'search the forum' feature to the top of your forum
How to add a 'search the forum' feature to the top of your forum
Tom Cone

Adding a 'Search the Forum' input box to the top of your forum can speed up the support to your members, allow them to find posts they might have otherwise missed and cut down on your workload!... Read More

Using Membergate's Syndication Builder So Other Sites Can Carry Your Content

Membergate comes with a couple of ways to syndicate the content on your site. It makes it easy for other sites to have your articles on theirs, automatically... Read More

How to Change or Add New Member Plans

If you wish to add a new pricing plan to your subscription site, here is how to do it... Read More

Customizing MemberGate

MemberGate includes many pages that are set up to help you to quickly get your site up and running. Some of those pages may need some personal edits (like adding your information to the contact us pag... Read More

Displaying Matches 529 thru 534 of 534 Found FIRSTBACK 

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