** New Features **
Introducing: MemberGate 8


The most comprehensive set of new features and updates ever to MemberGate.


First here's a look at some of the biggest changes followed by a more complete listing of other modules included in this release.

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Apple iPhone / iPad Friendly Video Player

HTML5 Video Player  - You can now easily show .mp4 videos on your site to anyone including iPhone and iPad owners with the new HTML5 video player option.


Google / SEO:

Google First Click Free  - Your site can now allow first time visitors arriving from Google to access one piece of member only content for free. You can then market to them with a drop down box to encourage them to join or sign up for your site's newsletter. This feature is configurable as to whether you want it on or not and Google tracks usage to prevent abuse.



Split Testing Module

Split Testing - You can now test how pages on your site perform against each other with built in split testing. Measure the results and then choose the winning page to keep.

Forum Enhancements

Forum Points - Your members can now earn points for time as members as well as quality of forum posts. Members can "reward" another member by giving some of their own points for particularly helpful posts. This encourages more interaction, better posts and also increases member retention so members can build up their points.

Forum Suggest - As a new post or reply is being typed, related forum posts are suggested to the member at the bottom of their screen. This encourages them to use your site's forum more completely as they can easily see other posts that may be related to theirs.

Post Type When a new post or reply is being typed, the member can choose to mark it as a: question, comment, suggestion or answer. Based on which they pick the posting is color coded. This helps members quickly scan through a busy thread to find an answer or suggestion amoung many replies.

Forum Preview Thread Option - You can hover over topic subjects without clicking on them. A preview box will pop up showing you the content of that forum thread. This allows you to quickly see which threads you are interested in reading without actually having to open up that forum thread.


Major Reporting Enhancements

Failed Payment Attempt Notifications - You are now notified instantly if someone tries to join or buy something but isn't successful. You see what they tried to purchase as well as their contact information so you can follow up to reclaim that lost sale opportunity. [This feature alone is already proving very profitable with our MemberGate 8 sites].

Historical Snapshots - Look back at previous dates to see what your income, membership numbers or any other daily report information was for that day.

Recur Billing Predictor - Want to know how much your site is on track to earn this month? This report will show you what is coming up to be billed.

Robust Cancellation Report - When a member cancels, the cancellation report contains a wealth of new information. How long were they a member? How many logins? Were they referred from an affiliate? You can then decide if a long time member is worth contacting for a special offer to consider staying with you.

Instant Refferer Ad Tracking - You can now instantly create a referrer tracking URL. Easily find out where your traffic is coming from and more importantly which of that traffic is signing up to your site. Consider tagging your facebook, adwords and tip of the week urls with one of these new tags.


Facebook Connect

Facebook Login - Allow Members to log in using their Facebook account.

Facebook Connect - Easily insert Facebook comment boxes, livestream comments, recommendations, activity feed or a "facepile" on your pages.

Built in Help Desk

HelpDesk - No more lost customer support tickets. Now your customers can contact you using a built in help desk to track and respond to support inquiries.


Security Options

Block Users - You can ban someone from your site based on their IP and/or their email address.

Dual Login Lockout Now Configurable - You can decide what level of dual login detection is appropriate for your site. There are now 4 various of dual login options, including disabling it completely if you wish.


Shopping Cart Enhancements

Pay per view options - Want to make an article or video available as a product? Now it is possible with the new pay per view shopping cart option.

Amazon S3 Integration

Amazon S3 Delivery - Connect directly to an Amazon S3 account to store products in your download section as well as shopping cart deliverables. Now you don't have to use hosting space or bandwidth on your account to store those items. They can be delivered directly via Amazon S3 (which is incredibly inexpensive at about .15 centers per GB of space).




Comprehensive List of New Features / Tutorials


Forum Enhancements:


- Forum Points


Forum Suggest - [Details]


Post Type - [Details]


- Forum Preview Thread Option - [Details]


- Mark Forum Read


Multiple Attachments - [Details]


Move  - [Details]


-Merge Thread - [Details] 


Choice of WYSIWYG editor  - [Details]


Merged Profiles with MG Profiles System  - [Details]






- PayPal Affiliate Mass Pay


- Affiliate Payout History - [Details] 


- Super Affiliates - [Details]


- Flat Rate Affiliate Commission  - [Details]






Google / SEO:


- Google First Click Free - [Details]


- Department + Shopping Cart Keyword Rich URLs - [Details]


- Configurable Content Page Meta Tags 


- Split Testing - [Details]


Custom Meta Keys  + Departments added to Departments, Shopping Cart Products - [Details]


- Google Analytics - [Details]








- Profiles - add social networking links + CFMBB messages 


- Profiles - paginated friends, blog + messages


- Profiles - friends online




HelpDesk  - [Details]




Report Enhancements:


- Daily Status Historical Snapshot   - [Details]


- Download Area Search Options  - [Details]


- Member Activity    - [Details]


- Instant Refferer Ad Tracking   - [Details]

- Department User Access Control 


- Recur Rebill Predictor - [Details]


- Configurable page for Unaccessible Timed Release content - page 30 


- Cancellation Report Sorting  - [Details]


- Record Individual Transactions items - subtotal, shipping total, tax total, tax rate, tax state 


- Robust cancellation email (details user value, activity etc) - [Details]


- Member Value Report - [Details]




Security Enhancements:


Block User - [Details]


- Dual Login Lockout Configurable  - [Details]




Shopping Cart:


- Failed payment attempt email notification (new member and cart)


- Subscription Tax  - [Details]


- Submit Individual Line Items to Authorize.net


- Downloads + Shopping Cart Downloads served from Amazon S3 - [Details]


- Locked Shopping Cart Pages


- Infusionsoft integration - [Details]






Webmaster User Interface Enhancements:


- Control panel categories can be hidden or expanded based on preference - [Details]


- MGTextarea Usability


- List Server Sign Up Codes Simplification - [Details]


- Sign up page generator


- Tell A Friend generator - [Details]


- Article Tagging + Tag Cloud


- Send email now allows HTML and has a built in HTML editor - [Details]






Member User Interface Enhancements:


- Timed Release Department Countdown 


- Print To PDF - [Details]


- Multiday Calendar Events - [Details]


- Facebook Connect - [Details]


- Customize "Not Available to Your Member Plan" Page - [Details]